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Park Logistics - Creating supply Chain Solutions

Creating Supply Chain Solutions
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Container Services

With an increased focus towards international sourcing and import of freight, container deliveries are increasing in frequency across most businesses.

Park Logistics offer a number of container services including deep sea shipping, freight forwarding, collection of containers from port, container unload, container loading, return to port, container hire and placement services.

Container Transport Services

Park Logistics provides an efficient and reliable service to it’s customers operating to and from all major deep sea container ports in the UK.

Container Warehouse Services

Our warehouses handle container deliveries for multiple clients on a daily basis.

  • DeStuffing, Devanning (unloading) containers
  • Stowing, Stuffing (loading) Containers
  • Licensed and experienced fork lift operators
  • Slip sheeting experienced operators
  • Palletising of goods
  • Configurations to client specifications
  • Shrink wrapping of pallets
  • Labeling pallets
  • Container inventory checking
  • Staging of loads
  • Fixed or variable container costs
  • Flexible starting times