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New system for processing the freight bookings launched

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New system for processing the freight bookings launched

January 10, 2012  

A new online booking processing system, – dealing with the price quotes, freight bookings and transport invoices – is now available. With this system, small and medium transport and forwarding companies throughout Europe, providing the transportation and freight forwarding services, are able to profit more by processing more bookings and serving more clients by the same staff. Moreover, the clients of forwarders – industrial and trade companies – are able to reduce their costs, effectively organizing the tenders and bookings.

The new process management system – with no identical solutions worldwide – let carriers and forwarders receive and process price requests and bookings from their clients, issue invoices and control debtors together in one place. Besides, it is possible to integrate with external information systems and get the clients’ bookings right in the ERP  system. At the same time, the carriers’ clients are able to send price requests and place bookings for their partners fast and conveniently, as well as to track the delivery status and receive the invoices after the booking has been carried out. The Exchange of documents is organized electronically, paperless and according to requirements stated in legislation.  
The idea is based on the solution of outstanding problem – how to make the communication between the carriers, forwarders and their clients as convenient, fast and safe as it is possible? The manager of Guntis MiÄ�uļs informs, “This problem is very urgent to small and medium enterprises as they cannot afford huge investments establishing complicated and expensive IT systems. is to give the opportunity for small and medium carriers and freight forwarders to use as functional booking processing technology as it has been available for the massive logistics companies.” He also states, “The communication among the partners has to be safe and effective. is the very thing in the matter of information exchange that has not been implemented into the field of the overland cargo transportation up to now.”
The main advantages of for the carriers and forwarders: 1) process more bookings, 2) attract more clients, 3)  profit more from each booking. For the carrier’s clients: 1)  reduce the transportation costs, 2) not to waste time for endless emails and phone calls, 3) store all information on the bookings in one place. Besides, each booking either the received one or the sent one have a legal validity (similar to the paper based agreement signed by both Parts).
The registration in the system and its trial version is free. Several carriers and forwarders in Latvia, Denmark and Romania have already assessed it during the first days of its operation. According to the research of organisation Eye for Transport being carried out in 2011 about the use of “cloud” solutions, 37% of worldwide respondents representing transport and logistics points out that some of “cloud” solutions have already been used for a while.* The basic reasons for the positive choice are the possibility to reduce the costs and get the 24 hour access to the systems.
Additional information
The goal of is to become the standard of freight booking processing  for small and medium transport companies in Europe – to assist the everyday routine work carried out by 70 thousands small and medium forwarders and 350 thousands of their clients.  

The developer of is Latvian company SIA „”. The business incubator of Jelgava ( supported its realisation, providing all the necessary assistance and co-financing creating and developing this tool.
* Research provided by Eye for Transport „Logistics CIO Cloud report 2011″.



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