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Hörmann shines a light on safety

An LED light guide for reversing trucks is the latest addition to the range of safety features that Hörmann can equip loading bays with. This simple device provides a light source on either side of the truck to help the driver place their vehicle in the optimum position for safe docking.


This new option follows on from the HFB fork lift barrier, integrated drivers button and active dock sensor that have all been developed to meet the specific needs of individual operators.

All these devices can be used independently. However, integration into the Hörmann dock control system links a range of safety features to the door and dock leveller controls, minimising risks.

The interlinked dock control includes traffic light systems and vehicle chocks with sensors, so that each element of the loading / unloading procedure can only be carried out in the correct sequence. The range of options available mean that a system can be installed that either meets with current operational procedure or can be part of the development of a revised, safer operating methodology.

In order to maximise the value of the many features and benefits on offer, Hörmann has a projects team dedicated to providing the right advice to help meet both operational and budgetary needs.


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