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Tong Peal Engineering announces specialist conveying range

Developed with quality, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements in mind, Tong Peal’s energy-efficient range of elevators  and conveying systems will provide a complete handling solution – ideal for minimising manual processes at warehouses and packhouses.

From conventional conveyors to completely bespoke handling lines, the specialist range can be specified in standard sizes or customised to meet exact handling needs.

“Over the last few years, more and more customers have come to us asking for bespoke conveying systems,” commented Gavin Barnes, Project Manager at Tong Peal Engineering. “With a rich heritage in designing and manufacturing custom lines, we made the decision to launch a brand new specialist range, designed with specific warehouse processes in mind. Quality, cost-efficiency, durability and excellent British design are key priorities for us, and we’re sure the new range will reduce labour costs and improve handling efficiencies.

“From initial site visits to specification, equipment development and installation, our conveyors can be fully customised to ensure the line will deliver exactly what’s required. Furthermore, with an experienced in-house design and development team, we can build and install your line to meet space, labour and maintenance restrictions.”

Lincolnshire-based JA International has recently invested in a specialist distribution conveyor from Tong Peal’s new warehouse range. Based in Spilsby, the global production firm manufactures customised heat-seal transfers for clothing and commercial products. Distributing worldwide, JA now supplies hundreds of private and public organisations worldwide.

“As our business has expanded, we’ve found ourselves needing to manufacture higher volumes of clothing products for clients internationally,” commented Steve Lilley from JA International. “Although most of our stock is manufactured, packed and distributed straight from the manufacturing line, we also stockpile high volumes of our most popular lines, which are stored on a mezzanine floor above the main factory. As these boxes typically weigh over 300kg, manual lifting wasn’t an option. We therefore needed an effective process to automatically transport goods to our storage floor and back down to our processing plant for distribution.

“We contacted Tong Peal Engineering, a local company with an excellent reputation for bespoke conveying equipment, to design and build a custom handling solution for JA. The Tong Peal team worked closely with us, from initial design to installation, keeping space restrictions, cost-efficiencies and maintenance requirements central to the project. The custom line is an effective two-way conveying system which automatically transports sealed boxes from factory to our storage area, eliminating the need for any manual processes.

“The conveying system has allowed us to lower costs and improve efficiencies, as well as store our popular stock for immediate on-demand distribution. We’ve been delighted with the whole service provided by Tong Peal Engineering. They have truly worked in partnership with JA to provide a bespoke handling solution, meeting our exact warehouse needs.”

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