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Demag KBK light crane system stands the test of time

When the Junior System was first introduced in 1963, the foundation was laid for the worldwide success story of the Demag KBK crane construction kit. In the last fifty years more than 10,000 kilometers of KBK profile have been brought into the market. Over the same period, the crane construction kit has undergone continuous development. Today, Terex Material Handling serves a wide variety of customers in many different industries and is seen as an innovator and market leader for light crane systems.


“The development of the Demag KBK crane construction kit was the multi-sector response to the demands of a rapidly changing industrial landscape.” says Marc Rieser, Senior Director of the Modular Cranes business line. “With the KBK system, we were the first to offer a modular, highly flexible, smooth-running and relatively low-cost solution for the handling of loads in the workplace. That was revolutionary fifty years ago.”

The very first buyers were mostly from the automotive industry which, in the sixties, was enjoying a rapid upturn and looking for suitable handling solutions to organise fast growing car production more efficiently. That was the start of the success story of the KBK crane construction kit.

Unique application range

Today, the Demag KBK light crane system is a modular system construction kit for overhead transport solutions in a number of different load ranges up to 3,200 kg. Single and double girder suspension cranes, suspension monorails, slewing jibs and cranes, as well as portal and stacker cranes, may all be individually configured. They may be used as a stand alone solution or as linear transport up to areas serving crane systems. The KBK light crane system offers many possibilities for transporting loads quickly, safely, reliably and efficiently above the production level.

Experience makes the difference

Since the introduction of the Junior System half a century ago, the Demag KBK crane construction kit has gone through many steps in its evolution. “Our KBK system has evolved with the requirements of our customers,” points out Marc Rieser. “Our experience and expertise gained in this process are unparalleled, setting us apart from our competition. Whilst there have been many KBK imitations, the breadth of our product range and its global availability reinforce our position as the world market leader in the field of light crane systems.”

Flexible from every point of view

As an indispensable production aid, Demag KBK is also in demand in many other sectors. Apart from the automotive and supplier sectors, other important areas are mechanical engineering, metalworking and metal processing operations, the logistics sector and small workshops. The KBK system is inherently user friendly, as the reduced dead weight of the cranes and the special running characteristics of the trolleys require the application of relatively little effort by the operator.

Continuous work on innovation

In the course of its 50 years in the world market, the KBK system has repeatedly set new standards, most recently with the KBK II-H profile type. The Demag system range now includes nine steel profiles, from the KBK 100 up to the KBK III outside running section. Profile sections are manufactured at the company’s production unit in Wetter, Germany. For prompt delivery to local markets, additional production lines have been installed in Brazil, China, India and Australia. The range is completed by two aluminium profile sizes.

Experience. The Future

With the focus on its successful, fifty year presence in world markets, a KBK product campaign is about to be launched. Marc Rieser: “With our statement ‘Experience. The Future’ we are underlining our many years of experience as a partner to industry and signalling the future development of more solutions, designed to solve our customers’ problems.”

More detailed information can be found on the campaign website

Fifty years of KBK also represents fifty years of continuous research and development, during which many new features have been added to the system, to meet the needs of rapidly developing industries. For Marc Rieser, this continued success is proof that customers trust the product and rely on Terex Material Handling’s many years of experience. “We do not know what the car of the future will look like, but we know that our KBK crane construction kit will ensure optimum material flow in the production process.”

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