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Renault reveals its Euro-6 range

  • 11 June 2013
  • By David Wilcox

Renault Trucks has launched its Euro-6 line-up at its headquarters in Lyon, France.

With 6,000 guests, it was not just the ambitious launch event that broke records for Renault: the company points out that no other manufacturer has ever dared to renew its entire range at a single stroke.

The Volvo Group, Renault Trucks’ parent, is said to have invested €2bn (£1.7bn) in the project.

The meagre details and pictures of the heaviest models released before the launch show cab styling that is certainly distinctive. The upper panels are remarkably neutral, free of swaging and detailing, whereas Renault’s designers have opted for bold and unforgiving treatment for the very busy-looking grille area. The somewhat down-in-the-mouth impression may not be to everyone’s taste but at least operators will be pleased to see that Renault has left the front panel clear for its customers’ branding, unlike the new FM and FH from sister company Volvo trucks.

There are four Euro-6 engines powering the entire range, all shared with Volvo Trucks, although exact power and torque ratings vary. All use a combination of EGR and SCR in varying proportions. The 12.8-litre DTI 13 spans nominal power ratings from 440hp to 520hp. It is a development of the current Euro-5 DXi13 engine, and still has unit injectors. The 10.8-litre Euro-5 DXi 11 engine becomes the DTI 11 at Euro-6, with unit injectors replaced by common-rail fuel-injection. Nominal ratings range from 380hp to 460hp. Both DTI 13 and DTI 11 are in-line six-cylinder units.

The two smaller engines powering middleweight and lighter rigid chassis are the six-cylinder, 7.7-litre DTI 8 and its four-cylinder sibling, 5.1-litre DTI 5, both new for Euro-6. They are overhead camshaft designs with common-rail fuel-injection. The former spans the range between 250hp and 320hp; the four-cylinder engine has ratings up to 240hp. 

Renault claims that despite the ambitious nature of a complete simultaneous range renewal, these Euro-6 trucks are its most thoroughly tested yet. The design is reportedly a result of input from 50 major customers around Europe and 300 vehicles have between them clocked up 10 million kilometres on the road in durability tests and in-service trials.

Renault revealed in April that it would be killing off the Premium and Magnum names at Euro-6.

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