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Creating Supply Chain Solutions
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It all comes down to Goods In

Your systems are only as good as the data you keep in them.

DT-X8-in-HandThat’s why we have designed the LocateIT RF processes to help users of the LocateIT WMS perfect their Goods In process. We want you to get the best out of your system and we know how important this first stage is. Ensuring that the all the necessary data is put in accurately will ensure that this is available for good use when required. Complete accuracy at this stage also means that all subsequent warehouse functions follow easily, are more manageable and traceable.

Picture the perfect scenario; your customers notify you of incoming consignments electronically, creating an expected Good In request in LocateIT WMS. Your staff use the hand held guns to simply scan the pallets received, thereby confirming the load bringing the pallets into the system and making the contents instantly visible and available; with the correct data already attached. Any discrepancies between expected and received Goods In are automatically established straight away, maintaining the integrity of your stock and helping your back-office system or that of your customer do the same.

As always with LocateIT RF, completing actions on the handhelds can set off a ‘trigger’, automating a series of follow up events that help you get one step closer to that paperless warehouse you dream of.

Storing and managing stock is your business. Supporting you to do this more easily, with confidence, is ours. For more information on LocateIT WMS contact Clydebuilt Business Solutions Ltd on 0141 8471920

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Tel: 0141 8471920

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