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Director’s activities lead to revocations

  • 29 May 2013
  • By Roger Brown

Traffic Commissioner (TC) for the West Midlands Nick Jones has revoked the O-licences of two Birmingham hauliers, AR Haulage and Insight Logistics, following a public inquiry into the activities of a director at the businesses.

In a written decision issued after a March hearing in Birmingham, the TC was told that despite being disqualified from holding the position of director on an O-licence in a separate judgement in October 2012, Lee Davis had continued to act in that role for AR Haulage.

The TC concluded that Davis was also still acting as director at Insight Logistics, and that the director who had replaced him on official records was not in fact performing those duties.

Davis remained a shareholder of Insight Logistics, despite initially telling the TC he had sold his shares in the business.

TC Jones said: “[He] was disqualified… and so he should have relinquished any director role forthwith.
“He did not do so and I place weight on the fact that he did not bother to put someone else’s name on the official records until after he received the call-up letter for the public inquiry before me,” he added.

TC Jones also disqualified Davis from holding an O-licence for 12 months, and disqualified Lee Agus, former transport manager at AR, from the industry for 10 months.

He said he had considerably reduced the period of disqualification for Davis as a result of the relatively frank written admissions of failings made prior to the hearing.

. Insight Logistics should not be confused with Insight Trans Logistics based in Worcestershire. The two companies are not connected.


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