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May 15th – The big debate should we have two Bank Holidays in May?

Welcome to the 15 May Warehouse Logistics News. What’s your opinion about England and Wales having two Spring Bank Holidays three weeks apart? Should they be so close together?

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WHN_May_15th_frontWhile you’re thinking about that, in this issue we’ve got a scheduled feature on Pallet Networks, including a review of the European, UK and regional pallet networks. We also have a feature on The Warehouse, taking an in depth look at the internal workings of the modern warehouse, including materials handling equipment, storage solutions, planning, lighting, flooring, and the I.T. needed to run the operations.

We also have an exclusive interview with Mary Short, founder and Sales Director at MapMechanics, the UK’s leading specialist in logistics software, scheduling optimisation and location-based planning and analysis. In essence, MapMechanics help clients gain efficiencies within their existing processes, find new business opportunities and reduce the cost of new business. With over 25 years’ experience, MapMechanics are experts in routing and territory optimisation and configuring solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. MapMechanics’ optimisation solutions are widely used in industries as diverse as home delivery, carpet manufacture, distribution of unaddressed mail, meter-reading, and milk collection and delivery.

Following MapMechanics buying the TruckStops routing and scheduling solutions and OptiSite territory management software in 2010, there are many satisfied TruckStops customers here in the UK and around the world. MapMechanics have since developed the product range and delivered a number of enhancements. The latest of these, a rewrite of TruckStops, has just been introduced, coming out at the end of April.

If you’ve been caught in a Bank Holiday traffic jam, you might wish you had thought a bit more about your personal routing and scheduling! Workers love having a Monday off, of course, but some senior managers are quite cross about the May ‘double bubble.’ That said, the warehousing and logistics industry is used to working through Bank Holidays, getting the goods and essential supplies to where they’re needed…

And finally, here’s a teaser. Which classic rock song mentions a warehouse? Answer – ‘Five Years ‘ by David Bowie, subject of the brilliant exhibition at the VA in London – easy to remember, it sounds a bit like VNA, or Very Narrow Aisle. The lyric goes, “My brain hurt like a warehouse, it had no room to spare. I had to cram so many things, to store everything in there. “ Clearly Mr Bowie wasn’t reading Warehouse Logistics News when he wrote the song in 1972, or he would have known all about storage solutions!

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