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Industry calls for trailer registration scheme

  • 15 May 2013
  • By Chris Tindall

Industry concerns over the condition of trailers pulled by traction hauliers has prompted calls for a registration scheme to protect companies’ OCRS.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) raised the matter with the Department for Transport earlier this year and  believes there was a commitment to review how unaccompanied trailers are viewed by Vosa examiners.

Currently, if a company is stopped in a roadside check, Vosa officers treat all trailers as belonging to the haulier, even if it only provides traction. This means that fundamental faults that can’t be spotted in a walk-around check can count against a haulier, jeopardising its repute.

“You could be maintaining your own vehicles to a very high standard but for the trailers you are pulling it’s dragging down your OCRS,” said RHA policy director Jack Semple.

“Without wanting to shift responsibility which is correctly placed on a haulier, we do think the shippers have a responsibility as well. This is an area where there’s clearly an issue. A good operator is potentially let down by his customer.”

Dawson Rentals MD John Fletcher told CM he had already had informal discussions with the senior traffic commissioner about the problem, adding: “Everyone I have ever spoken to cannot understand why there is not a trailer registration scheme. Make mistakes and cut corners and it’s not just a case of a reduced OCRS score, people could die; and that is not something I’m prepared to have on my conscience.”

  • The issue is covered in more detail in the 23 May issue of Commercial Motor.


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