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Barcelona conference open to all independent forwarders

Millions of dollars of new business and hundreds of international partnerships are set to be created at the Sino-European Freight Forwarders Conference in Barcelona from 20-23 June.

As the most important and prestigious event for SME freight forwarders in the region, the conference is co-organised by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce through the China International Freight Forwarding Association (CIFA). It is open to all independent freight forwarders from around the world and is already set to attract hundreds of delegates from around the globe.

The event is also open to a wide range of companies that deal directly with the freight forwarding community such as ports, airports, charter brokers and IT companies.

Principal sponsor, Port de Barcelona has seen the hugely positive influence the previous events have made on its business and that of independent forwarders that attend. Rosa Puig Vidal, Directora Comercial of the Port said: “This conference has proved in the past that it is a vital platform for establishing new business between European freight forwarders and their international partners from around the world. We are very excited to yet again see SME forwarders prosper thanks to the unrivalled opportunities at this event.”

The event will see thousands of pre-arranged meetings using the unique One-on-One meeting scheduler, ensuring that each delegate meets the right companies to enhance their business and open new trade routes.

President of WCA and co-orgainser, David Yokeum, said that the key mission for the event is to provide SME forwarders with an unrivalled opportunity to drive growth and capitalise on the huge potential of the world’s most exciting logistics markets. “The evidence is undisputed that companies which proactively network with potential partners, market their strengths and form mutually beneficial partnerships in a face-to-face environment, go on to outperform their rivals. The SME sector has weathered the economic downturn well and has a golden opportunity to increase its market share still further by providing customers with global solutions to their needs.”

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