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TC Nick Denton urges construction industry to improve standards

  • 03 May 2013
  • By Ashleigh Wight

Traffic commissioner (TC) Nick Denton has urged operators in the construction industry to improve vehicle defect and driver safety standards.

The TC for London and the South East issued the warning after six operators were called to a public inquiry in a month, four of which faced action.

Denton said that it was not acceptable for directors to give control of responsibilities, such as drivers’ hours enforcement, driver defect reporting and vehicle maintenance, to someone else and not check were being enforced.

Denton said: “I am constantly amazed by the fact that people in the construction industry who are very careful about adhering to health and safety standards when on construction  sites  or up on scaffolding, seem to throw all that care  out  of  the window the instant they leave the site.”

The six operators were called to public inquiry for issues including unsatisfactory driver defect reporting, below average MoT pass rates and prohibitions including loose wheel nuts and tyre defects, following an investigation by Vosa.

The TC ruled that directors from all of the firms will be required to undertake an O-licence awareness or management training course.

“Too many directors sign up to the promises to comply with roadworthiness rules set out on the goods vehicle licence application form in blissful ignorance  of  what  they  actually  need  to  do to make this happen,” Denton said.


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