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Vosa launches fees consultation

  • 01 May 2013
  • By Robin Meczes

Fees for annual vehicle tests at Vosa test stations will jump by 15-20% this year, if proposed changes to the agency’s fee structure go ahead.

Under the proposals, which are outlined in a consultation on a range of Vosa fees for the 2013-14 financial year, test fees at Vosa premises would rise from £98 ex-VAT to £113 (up 15.3%) for a two-axle truck, and from £123 to £145 (up 17.9%) for a three-axle unit.

Test fees for a two-axle trailer would rise 20.3% from £59 to £71. 

The move is intended to redistribute costs more fairly between vehicle operators using Vosa test stations and those using ATFs. Charges to ATFs for testing are set to fall by 1-3% under the proposals, leaving them at £92 for a two-axle truck, £115 for a three-axle unit, and £55 for a two-axle trailer.

Not all of Vosa’s fees are set to rise so sharply: those relating to O-licence applications and variations, for example, will rise just 2%, which includes a general increase of 1%.

Keen to hear

Commenting on the proposed changes, Vosa chief executive Alistair Peoples stressed that there had been no general fee increases for four years and said he was “pleased to be able to propose a fairer allocation of costs between customers having their vehicles tested at ATFs and Vosa test stations”.

He added that he was “keen to hear the views from customers on our proposals”.

Stephen Smith, president of the ATF Operators Association and director of Essex haulier Boleyn Transport, said the move to review vehicle test fees was “very welcome” and “a step in the right direction”. However, he added that the changes did not go far enough in addressing the current discrepancies between the fees Vosa charges customers and those ATFs must charge to make money.

“It’s still not where it should be. After our charges [to vehicle operators], we’ll still be more expensive than Vosa so they’re still competing against their partners at a cheaper rate,” he said.

Typically, said Smith, ATF operators would add a fee of around £40 on top of Vosa’s ATF charges for testing a two-axle vehicle and £40-£55 for a three-axle unit. 

The consultation runs until 11 June.


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