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TC revokes scaffolding firm’s licence

  • 30 April 2013
  • By Roger Brown

West Midlands traffic commissioner Nick Jones has revoked the O-licence of Four Oaks Scaffolding for unsatisfactory vehicle maintenance standards.

At a public inquiry in Birmingham in March, the TC was told by a Vosa examiner that Mark McDermott, who traded as Four Oaks Scaffolding, did not have any procedures in place to keep his vehicles maintained and in a roadworthy condition.

The examiner reported that:
- no vehicle records were produced for any vehicle;
- there was no forward planner in place;
- there was no written defect reporting system;
- a maintenance contract was produced that was not in accord with the details registered with the licence;
- there was a 75% prohibition rate, which included PG9s being issued at annual test for defective brakes and in one case for loose wheel nuts on a vehicle.

At the hearing, the operator produced evidence to show that he had addressed some of the problems, but failed to submit satisfactory financial evidence.

The TC advised McDermott to seek specialist advice before his new company sought to apply for a licence.

He added: “I also expect him to both pay for and attend a specialist operator licence awareness course and, additionally, to attend any new operator licence awareness course offered by Vosa.”

The TC said McDermott had demonstrated a “lack of understanding” as to the responsibilities of the holder of an O-licence.


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