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Bendi: Anything else is a waste of space Bendi, delivering groundbreaking, innovative, space saving forklift trucks since 1964

As pioneers of the Articulated Forklift, Bendi have built their business delivering groundbreaking, innovative, space saving forklift trucks since 1964 and with a focus that has always been to design and produce warehouse and materials handling products that are both cost effective and at the very leading edge of our industry.

P1000138Each Bendi product has been created by listening to the marketplace and Bendi now have a range of trucks to suit almost any site, layout or budget, working in the narrowest aisles and the highest racking bays. If you need to reduce storage space in order to increase the amount stored, or reduce the space you store it in, there is not a more cost effective way to handle pallets on pallet racking.

The innovative design of the Bendi also results in increased operating efficiencies and reduced costs. Designed to operate outdoors, double handling is a thing of the past as the Bendi takes the product direct from the vehicle and straight to the racking or production areas, which means savings in time and further investment in other vehicle types. Compared to a typical VNA application it is not uncommon to reduce your materials handling fleet by 50%, plus expensive and often restrictive guidance is not required.

The Bendi range includes 3 and 4 wheel configurations, the award winning Mini Bendi, a pedestrian articulated truck that is much smaller and lighter yet still offers superior levels of safety and functionality, the Bendi Longloader, which can easily and safely accommodate long and awkward loads as well as standard pallets, the Bendi Arctic for cold store usage and the B420AC HL that can handle loads up to a height of 12.5m.

New products for 2013

Bendi Order Picker – the world’s first order picking articulated forklift truck

Nearly 50 years after Translift Engineering was formed to fulfill an order for six order pickers, Translift Bendi is returning to its roots by offering an innovative product designed for order picking – but this time, with a fascinating and cost-saving twist.


The name Translift was synonymous with order picking for many years, before revolutionizing the materials handling industry with the introduction of the Bendi articulated fork truck.

It was during a visit to a large customer that Bendi MD, Simon Brown, first came up with the idea of an articulated truck that combines a man-up order picker after noting inefficiencies in the picking operation. The customer, a leading wholesaler of toiletries and household brands, use a Bendi for order picking and for replenishment of empty pallet positions.

“With the demand for next-day deliveries now becoming the norm, customers are moving a larger proportion of their available floor space over to picking rather than bulk storage” comments Simon. “Whilst most picking operations are carried out with great efficiency, there remains a sticking point when an order picker picking at ground level reaches an empty pallet location. The operative will put out a call for the reach truck to bring down a pallet from the second level, which interrupts the picking process and causes unnecessary delays or missed picks” It was here that the idea for an articulated order picking truck was born.

After considering a number of alternatives, Bendi will launch a three-masted man-up order picker capable of 360° picking from a height of nearly 5m.

Bendi Arctic – Cold Store Cab

With the cost of storing pallets in a Cold Store being up to 3 times higher than in a conventional ambient warehouse, any small reduction in the space required can dramatically reduce costs. The new Bendi Arctic, with its innovative full cold store cab, can show up to 50% aisle reductions offering huge benefits to cold store costs. Either the size of the cold store can be reduced by 30% or by increasing the number of pallets in the store to spread the same costs.


Smaller cold stores/cheaper build cost goes without saying, along with lower running costs, but thanks to the Bendi design the floor specification is far less expensive than that of a Reach or VNA machine and also it does not require guidance systems which can be unreliable in cold stores.

Designed and manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide, Bendi has ramped up production at the factory in Redditch to accommodate the new products planned for 2013 and to allow for increasing volume in existing lines both here in the UK and in Export sales.

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