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LB Foster launches semi-automatic trolley boom

Leicester based LB Foster Materials Handling has designed a new semi-automatic trolley boom which makes unloading or loading goods on hangers (GOH) faster and easier.


The new boom is connected to a gravity controlled trolley store which is located alongside the boom. A brush conveyor automatically pushes empty trolleys from the store along the boom, presenting them directly to the operator unloading garments inside the vehicle.

The brush conveyor is continually moving, but will only send a trolley to the operator if there is no obstruction in its path. Once the operator has filled a trolley with garments and moved it on, another empty trolley is presented to him whilst additional units are despatched down the boom from the store.

The new boom can be used either with or without the brush conveyor and customised for single/double rail trolley units or a slick rail system. It can be a shorter self-supporting style or a longer jockey wheel supported design.

Stephen Perriton, technical sales manager of LB Foster Materials Handling comments, “When drawing up plans for the new garment boom, our design team worked closely with boom operators. Their input and our extensive market research enabled us to incorporate labour saving devices to help make their jobs easier.

“The result is a boom which makes unloading or loading goods on hangers a more efficient and simpler procedure, saving both time and money.”

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