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Union Industries serves up another Eiger Freezer Door for Bar & Restaurant Foods

Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll doors, has completed another bespoke door installation at Bar Restaurant Foods.

union-bar--restaurantThe Leeds-based company, which designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its own range of fast acting doors, has installed a further heavy duty Eiger Door at the company’s site in Newport, Gwent.

Bar Restaurant Foods, which became part of The Billington Group in October 2012, has been supplying the foodservice industry with sauces, soups and recipe dish products for 25 years.

Union Industries first installed two of its Eiger Doors at Bar Restaurant Foods’ factory in 2005 to assist with temperature control, prevent snow and ice build-up at the facility, reduce costs due to crash damage, and help speed up the operation process at the site.

The newest Eiger was installed as part of a refurbishment of the freezer area at the facility. As the door is mounted inside the freezer, which is -25°c degrees, it incorporates an ‘Eiger 1000’ dehumidifier, which Union manufactures, and also has insulation jackets to the columns, guides, motor cover and dehumidifier to protect certain parts of the door from snow ice build up.

Union’s rapid roll Eiger Door provides a superior alternative to the traditional sliding insulated type doors and also various other types of fast-acting freezer doors that are appearing on the market to try and compete with the Eiger.

After opening at approximately 1.6 metres per second, Eiger Door closes automatically after a short dwell time, which allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising the freezer temperature. Warm air ingress into the freezer is drastically reduced so the normal build-up of ice and frost around the doorway is prevented, meaning companies can benefit from the energy saving aspects of Eiger Door.

The innovative dehumidification process and the high speed opening and closing operation of the door also prevents ice build-up on the ‘blade’, frame and workings. This helps eradicate snow and ice forming around the opening and on the floors, also improving health safety in the area of the cold store opening.

Tim Lewis, Engineering and Facilities Manager at Bar Restaurant Foods, said: “We were extremely impressed with the quality and efficiency of Union Industries’ doors, hence our decision to purchase a further Eiger Door. I would recommend the Eiger door to anyone else in the industry as these robust, reliable doors have been extremely beneficial for the operation at our site.”

Union-LogoNeil Irwin, Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our industrial fast-acting doors have gained an outstanding reputation in a range of environments from all types of industry sectors. This latest installation of an Eiger Door at Bar Restaurant Foods is a testament to the quality of our doors – and our service – which is why we get so much repeat business from existing customers.”

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