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New electric multiway sideloader from BULMOR Lancer

The recently launched compact BULMOR Lancer electric EMU 20-30 multiway sideloader has been designed for loads up to 3 tons. Powerful and robust 48 Volt technology allows for streamlined overall dimensions and therefore extreme agility in confined areas coupled with the niche sideloader benefits in key industries such as concrete, glass, plastics, steel and timber.


The operator works from a comfortably equipped and quiet cabin following a proven operating concept and an excellent panoramic vision including the vivid and simple touch-screen display. Depending on the application a longitudinal, lateral or stand-up cabin can be fitted on the sideloader – as can a fully enclosed version for external usage – and customers can also enjoy tailored options of different masts, fork carriages, guidance systems and battery capacities.

The BULMOR Lancer EMU is the direct replacement of the BAUMANN EVU and guarantees the benefits of modern AC technology, multiway steering and a sensitive hydraulic system combined with the electric environment advantages plus the easy access engine unit for minimum downtime..

One of the unique features of the BULMOR EMU is the original multi-function wheel. This leads to constant ground contact of all six wheels and allows for tilting the platform to level out uneven ground and to easy handling at very high lifting heights. Platform width is 800-1600mm and like all BULMOR Lancer multiway sideloaders the EMU is equipped with Pendeling twin-load wheels to minimise tyre and floor wear. All in all the optimum handling system.


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