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Vosa upgrades advisory notes to failures in roadworthiness test

  • 19 March 2013
  • By David Wilcox

A number of truck and trailer defects that attract only advisory notes at annual roadworthiness tests are about to become failure reasons.

The change, driven by European legislation to harmonise vehicle testing standards, Directive 2010/48/EU, means that defects printed in blue in the current (2013 edition) of Vosa’s HGV Inspection Manual will be upgraded on 20 March and will lead to test failure instead of just an advisory note.

There are almost 40 defects upgraded, including:

•    insecure registration plate
•    airbag (SRS) warning lamp illuminated
•    driver’s seat fore and aft adjustment defective
•    drive-axle tyre size disagrees with size on tacho calibration plaque
•    park brake lever is tight or does not release correctly
•    insecure trailer electrical socket
•    steering and suspension ball joint dust covers missing or damaged
•    malfunctioning headlamp main-beam warning lamp

Vosa has issued a revised (March 2013) issue of its HGV Inspection Manual to cover the changes. It can be freely downloaded from Vosa’s website.


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