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Loadhog Limited

Loadhog is a multi award winning UK manufacturing company where genuine innovation is at the heart of everything it does. Its mission is to solve everyday problems in logistics and supply chain operations; reducing transport requirements, eliminating packaging waste and generally making life easier for all employees.


Cutting edge injection moulded machines are used to deliver the shortest possible cycle time, friction free operations and energy recycling. Mucell technology is also incorporated into products to optimise weight and save material.

The company’s highly specialised research and development ideas and innovation team works with Loadhog management to conceive, design, develop and commercialise products based on solving problems for customers.

The Loadhog product range has continued to grow over the years, a few being the infamous Loadhog Lid – a plastic lid with incorporated retractable straps to secure to a pallet or dolly – the Pally – a dolly and pallet in one complete system – the Pally Magnum – a collapsible container which double stacks with all the features of the Pally – and Smartstak – with a plastic pad with a waved edge to dramatically improve stability – which has revolutionised the glass bottle market.

These are just a snapshot of Loadhog products but please visit the company on Stand No 20C22 at IMHX to see a full demonstration.

Loadhog Limited

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