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RTS Waste O-licence suspended by TC

  • 05 March 2013
  • By Roger Brown

RTS Waste Management is facing a 48-hour suspension of its O-licence after the company failed to notify the traffic commissioner about its conviction for operating a vehicle with a defective tyre.

At a February public inquiry (PI) in Eastbourne, Nick Denton, TC for London and the South East, said the Bermondsey firm must serve the suspension on two consecutive days before the end of March.

A Vosa examiner visited the operator’s premises in September 2012 to carry out an investigation into the firm – authorised to run 22 vehicles and three trailers. At the PI, Denton was told how:

- one of the company’s vehicles was given a prohibition notice for a loose wheel nut;
- a trailer was found to have several defects, including issues with brakes and an underinflated tyre;
- defects picked up on planned safety inspections were not recorded as being repaired;
- the defect reporting system for drivers was not being monitored by the company;
- RTS had been convicted for operating a vehicle with a defective tyre in December 2011 but failed to notify the TC about the conviction.

Denton concluded that defect reporting had been inadequate and that the audit trail for repair work was ineffective.

However, the TC said reporting lines in the business were now clearer, there had been attempts to improve defect reporting by drivers and as a result, both the operator and its transport manager, Ralph Sheridan, had narrowly retained their repute.

The business has made a commitment to have its procedures audited by an independent body and to put a training programme in place for drivers by the end of April 2013.


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