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IMHX 2013 The best of the best – with honours

Welcome to the Warehouse Logistics News IMHX Exhibitor Focus Supplement. In this supplement we spotlight the companies, whose logos you can see opposite. From major multinational corporates to independent specialists and local distributors, they will be leading the parade at IMHX this March.


Here are some of the major innovators in their respective fields, from materials handling equipment to warehouse management solutions, via storage, battery handling, flooring and more. And alongside them are a brace of companies whose offer is based on a combination of technical excellence and that other essential – a depth of understanding of how the customer works and what they need to win in today’s challenging environment.

Visiting IMHX is like taking a short break in an exciting city. You’ve only got so much time to see everything, and you don’t want to waste a second. We can help. In this supplement we focus on a cross section of the companies who are ‘doing the business’ in the highly demanding Warehouse and logistics sector, and will be on show at IMHX.

“Give us five minutes to show you the five benefits of warehouse automation,” says David Hyslop, UK Managing Director of Vanderlande (Stand 19L180, Page number 34-35), whose growing client list includes Amazon, Tesco, Argos and Tommy Hilfiger. Vanderlande is one of the world’s top suppliers of integrated logistics systems for the automation of warehouses and DC’s, and offers flexible and scalable solutions that allow companies to grow and diversify.  Vanderlande’s expert team will be happy to talk to you at about how their automated solutions deliver the winning combination of reduced operational cost, effective space utilisation, improved accuracy, reduced throughput time and better ergonomic working conditions for employees.

The continuing growth in online shopping is fuelling a surge in demand for warehousing and logistics solutions for online retail operations large and small. SDI Group (Stand 18M125, Page number 6-7) is a leading specialist provider of systems and solutions to the retail, e-tail, wholesale, fulfilment and e-commerce industries for all aspects of distribution centre materials handling. Both consultants and systems integrators, some 90% of their business is in the garment industry and retail.

Swisslog (stand 18M130, page no 28-29) is a leading global provider of automated solutions for warehouses and distribution centres for bluechip FMCG and retail customers including PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Target and Wal-Mart. The NEC will be the first public outing in the UK for their latest innovation, AutoStore, a highly flexible, space-saving concept for storing and picking single items and small parts. Swisslog’s IMHX stand will also give visitors the opportunity to see the popular SmartCarrier storage and transport solution for totes and trays in action.

Logistex (Stand 18N164, page number 22-23), the leading independent logistics integrator and software developer, will be using an order fulfilment and warehouse systems demonstration suite at the show, giving visitors hands-on experience of the complete supply chain process from order to despatch. They are also creating a realistic warehouse environment for bulk handling, put-away, picking, packing and dispatch, replicating a full door to door process.


Now part of the Constructor Group, Dexion (Stand 17Q125, Page number 44-45) will be show just how easy and efficient its automated Tornado vertical storage solution is to use, by stocking it with components for a model car!  Visitors can use the machine to pick the appropriate parts and build the model themselves on the stand. Alongside the Tornado, Dexion will also be exhibiting its mobile pallet racking,which is electronically controlled and runs on embedded rails throughout the warehouse.

Staying with logistics automation, visitors to the Knapp stand (Stand 20D30, Page number 16-17) looking for automation solutions for multichannel distribution will be amused by the movement of several free-roaming Open Shuttle vehicles. These laser-guided mini AGVs are designed to handle cartons and containers, and are ideal for all kinds of lower-throughput transport needs or combined transport and picking. They are highly manoeuvrable and also rather polite -they can be programmed to ask obstructions to move out of the way and, if an obstruction is not removed, the vehicle will simply turn and take another route to its destination!

The materials handling and lift solutions specialist Lödige (Stand 18M176, Page number 42-43) comes to IMHX after not exhibiting in the UK for several years. From the installation of a single lift to a fully automated cargo terminal, Lödige (pronounced LER-DIGGER) offers the complete solution to its clients’ lifting needs as a one-stop service. Lödige will be showing one of their smaller dock lifts at IMHX, but most of their equipment is far too large to be shown at the exhibition, they will be showing video clips.

Raw material storage is top of the agenda at the Kasto stand (stand 18N150, page no. 38-39) KASTO has carved out a niche supplying equipment for storage and sawing, the first two stages in a manufacturing process. These are traditionally among the last things to be considered when companies look to invest, but Kasto believe they should rank alongside other capital investments when a new or upgraded factory or stockholding operation is being considered. Regular WLN readers will be aware that production efficiency increased significantly at Hanson Springs’ hot coiling facility in Rochdale after Kasto installed a 25-metre storage tower to house the bar from which Hanson make their springs, used globally for flow control applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation sectors.

Apex Linvar (Stand 18N154, Page number 20-21), the total storage solutions service, is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of storage and handling systems used in logistics and supply chain management. Their solutions on show at IHMX are wide ranging, from pallet racking with both pallet live and carton live storage, drive-in and shuttle storage to garment hanging and a mezzanine floor. Apex Linvar will also be showcasing its extensive range of Meta shelving, the innovative mobile storage solution SpeedCell and the one-stop-shop Storage Direct catalogue, now in its twentieth year.

Briggs Equipment (Stand 20D22 and 20C110, Page number 14-15) is the UK arm of Briggs International, the world’s largest global distributor of Yale and Hyster materials handling equipment. With over 1,000 sq m of display space both inside and outside the main exhibition hall, Briggs will be one of the biggest exhibitors at the event. As well as showing off some of the latest products from Yale and Hyster on their various stands, Briggs will showcase their commitment to combining the latest technology with human expertise to provide bespoke solutions for customers across all industry sectors.

Fleet solutions from major materials handling equipment suppliers often include specialist machines from third party suppliers for particular operations. A classic example is Bendi, the pioneering articulated fork lift truck. Manufactured by Translift Bendi (Stand 19K100, Page number 8-9), the Bendi is currently celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. Back in 1983 the Bendi’s launch prompted such unhelpful headlines as ”The truck bends, but will the customer?” However 30 years later the Bendi is spearheading the articulated market – probably the largest growth sector in materials handling globally – as enthusiasm about its abilities goes viral. The Bendi line-up has been enhanced since the last IMHX, and the mini Bendi, now fully in production, has many refinements on the prototype first seen at IMHX10.

One exhibit guaranteed to stand out at IMHX is the new 250D-7E truck from Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe Nv (stand 19L114, page number 26-27.) Designed for the heavy truck market, it’s too large to be accommodated within the halls of the NEC, but will provide an interesting attraction, in a prominent position outside the main entrance. The two main Hyundai materials handling equipment dealers here are Eurotrucks Direct (South), the UK importer for the last eight years, and Acclaim Handling, which has recently joined.

Brian Hamblin, MD of Eurotrucks Direct (South), will be leading the team on the Hyundai stand, presenting Hyundai’s warehousing and counterbalance products, and offering advice on the appropriate equipment for the task.

Listening to customers is as important as talking to them. Established in 1989, and recognised as world leaders and experts in the field of high tolerance and superflat flooring technology, the CoGri Group (stand 20D90, page number 12-13) is a consortium of international industrial floor solution specialists, taking in subsidiary companies Face Consultants Ltd, Concrete Grinding Ltd and CG Flooring Systems Ltd. CoGri will have their testing equipment and some of their specialist repair products on their stand, but insist the most important thing they will have at the show will be their main asset, their people.

It’s a similar story at Powercell, the independent industrial battery and charger specialists (stand 19K72, page number 40-41). They supply a wide range of motive power batteries and chargers with high levels of reliability for all industrial applications. In the wake of the decline of UK-based battery manufacturing, PowerCell’s success has come about by listening to customers’ requirements and providing powerful solutions for increased productivity and efficiency.

Expect to see plenty of ‘green’ exhibits at IMHX! Together with the added focus on environmental issues, warehouse and logistics operations are feeling increased pressure to focus and act upon reducing their carbon footprint and supporting greater social responsibility.

Installing Hörmann’s door and loading bay systems reduces energy costs and improves safety and operational efficiency at a stroke. Alrerady very successful with customers, Hörmann (stand 20D80, page number 4-5) has now increased its service support to meet the increasing demand for manufacturer-backed maintenance programmes. At IMHX Hörmann will showcase a selection of multi-function hinged doors from its extensive range alongside examples of industrial doors, loading bay equipment and a fully equipped service vehicle.

A change in fuel type for your business can bring quick returns in both green-ness and efficiency. LPG is a cleaner burning fuel, which is versatile, efficient and safe. It can be used in a wide array of applications within the business, not only to fuel forklift fleets, but also for heating warehouses, and fuelling manufacturing and industrial processes. AvantiGas (stand 19K122, page number 46-47) are one of the UK’s major LPG suppliers, delivering safe, cleaner-burning, cost effective energy to businesses across the UK and globally are part of one of the world’s largest LPG providers. Launched in 2011, AvantiGas will be exhibiting at IMHX for the first time under its new name.

Speaking of green-ness, but of a different kind, IMHX opens two days after St Patrick’s Day. So it’s only fitting that Irish-based Combilift Ltd’s stands (stand 19J150, 19J162, page number 32-33) for their Combilift and Aisle-master ranges won’t just incorporate a great mix of new products that people can experience close up, highly experienced sales and engineering professionals. Combilift also promise “entertainment and Irish hospitality that cannot be replicated electronically, on the phone or in a meeting!” Visitors to the hospitality area at IMHX will also be able to take a look at displays illustrating the milestones in their 15-year history of lifting the material handling innovation bar.

Also based in Ireland, Heavey RF (stand 17Q165, page number 18-19) provides the VocalPoint™ Voice Solution, as well as mobile computing, hand held and vehicle mounted computers and wireless solutions, to the logistics, manufacturing, field service, retail and transport sectors, At IMHX they will be introducing the new VocalPoint 3, an exciting new integration solution able to be applied across all areas of a supply chain, uniting multiple site operations, and providing users with the tools to make informed decisions with live data.

Among the many innovations on show at IMHX is Snapfulfil SaaS WMS (stand 20C43, page number 10-11), the latest in Synergy Logistics’ family of WMS solutions. Synergy Logistics has a client list built over 40 years, delivering Warehouse Management solutions for companies such as Coca Cola, Vax, Vodafone, SCA and DHL. Opening up WMS’s benefits to the smaller user, Snapfulfil is a unique combination of technological sophistication, a class-leading user interface and a simple but comprehensive and ‘No Capex’ Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.

Voice picking is well established as a technology in Europe, and top-VOX (stand 17P58, page number 30-31) is at the leading edge of its development. Two years ago top-VOX introduced ‘Lydia Plug and Play,’ a solution specifically designed for picking in small to medium sized operations and worked on a pre-defined file transfer interface, minimising host system developers’ costs. 2012 saw the launch of ‘Plug and Play 2,’ including processes for everything within a warehouse operation from goods in to despatch. top-VOX will be demonstrating all its technologies at IMHX, but they promise their main message will be the company’s flexibility.

Finally, also delivering flexibility at IMHX is Flexi Narrow Aisle (Stand 19J75, page number 36-37). The successful Flexi AC range of articulated forklift trucks from Narrow Aisle has been developed specifically to improve storage, handling and customer order assembly efficiency in manufacturing and logistics. Now Narrow Aisle is launching its Flexi Warehouse Systems Service at IMHX. The service uses Narrow Aisle’s 30 years’ experience of working with customers to help the development of warehouse projects, taking into account all the elements that influence the efficiency of their operation, especially the concept of compressing the project timeframe to accelerate implementation and start payback earlier.

Enjoy the Show!

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