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Curtis launches new products on Stand 20G80 at IMHX

New Battery Chargers with latest technology improvements

108_powerCurtis will be launching an updated range of chargers designed to fully comply with DIN Standard 41774 on 1st March. The PRIMOpower and PRIMOpulse will be on the stand for you to see. Request a copy of the new datasheet here


New ACUITY Battery Monitoring System

108_acuity_logo_rgbThe ACUITY® BATTERY MONITORING SYSTEM, the newest, most advanced technology from Curtis is a culmination of decades of experience in monitoring lead-acid industrial vehicle batteries. ACUITY® measures battery use time, voltage, current and temperature and transmits critical battery data via CAN or power line carrier, then records and presents it as easy-to-read performance information. Battery management is a complex issue for fleet managers, end users and OEM’s alike. For productivity, safety and cost control reasons, it is essential to know how healthy your “several thousand pound battery” is and how long it will last. Curtis know this exciting new product will do just that – and more – presenting the possibility of EV Vehicle rental schemes based on energy usage, just like paying for mileage on your car or van lease!

Read the IVT ARTICLE on ACUITY and visit the stand and have a look at the interactive demonstration of this new system!

New Range of LED Beacons and Work Lamps

108_small_worklampThe excellent light output, robust efficiency and competitive pricing now achieved by LED’s, puts them in pole position for today’s industrial requirements. LED’s are solid state devices, with no moving parts or filament wire. This makes their lifetime very long, maintenance free; well suited to the demands of powerful modern trucks.

Visit stand 20G80 to see the newest beacon and work lamp models available from us, or email KIM for samples!

NEW EN ISO-13849 Compliant E-Series Speed Controllers

108_eseries_emailCurtis will also be strongly featuring the newly launched significant upgrade to our widely acclaimed range of AC Speed Controllers. E-Series Speed Controllers utilise powerful dual microprocessor logic cores that meet ALL the safety requirements of EN ISO-13849; the level of work carried out by Curtis development and engineering teams is such that we will be the only provider of AC Speed Controllers offering products that fully comply with this legislation, so much so, that we will be able to apply the CE mark to all “E” controllers and certify them as safety devices!

Learn all about the Curtis AC Motor Speed Controller range HERE

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