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CV Show 2013: Keep tyres under pressure with Tyrepal

  • 17 February 2013
  • By Steve Hobson

A simple, low cost and reliable tyre pressure monitoring system that can be built in or retrofitted will be launched in the UK by Tyrepal on stand 4F78.

Small lightweight pressure and temperature sensors that can be simply fitted to tyre valves constantly transmit readings to an in-cab receiver. A special tool is needed to unscrew the sensors, preventing theft. Alternatively, the sensors can be built in to the tyre valves, sitting inside the wheel rim out of harm’s way. Batteries last up to five years.

A transducer is available for trailers that quickly and easily links tyres on trailer axles to the tractor unit in-cab display. The display can be set to alarm on high or low pressure or temperature and when a slow leak is detected.

Prices start at £225 plus VAT for a six-wheel system and Tyrepal claims that it maintaining correct tyre pressures reduces fuel consumption and tyre wear, and prevents blow outs. 


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