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UK Powertech launches its One-Stop-Shop at IMHX 2013

UK Powertech, specialist supplier of battery accessories and components for industrial batteries, is to launch their One Stop Shop Solution specifically for all battery servicing for fork lift trucks, industrial floor cleaners, platform scissor lifts and golf carts.


The One Stop Shop Solution will offer service companies and those who keep UK’s forklift fleets operational, a quicker way to obtain battery parts for trucks. This will benefit large and small companies by reducing the cost of down time and eliminating the headache of having to source essential items from a host of different suppliers.

UK Powertech is unique in as much as the company stocks ALL major branded battery related parts and because the company purchases in volume they can offer a better price than their competitors and a much faster delivery time. Special parts can be manufactured in house and usually produced within two to three days.

The company, which buys direct from the manufacturers, offers a complete range of accessories, including Intercell connectors and Take off’s, plug-in sockets and battery watering systems, which includes a battery operated watering cart and pressure bottle to feed the system, battery monitoring accessories and the special connectors as well as cable, lugs, heat- shrink etc.


With a combined experience of over 60 years working in the industrial battery industry world wide, UK Powertech not only provides parts but also offers full technical help and advice as required.

UK Powertech, a distributor for a number of approved component suppliers to the world’s battery industry that includes leading brands such as Frötek GmbH, Batterie Fullungs Systems GmbH (BFS), Rema and Abertax Technologies, offers this onestop service to anyone needing battery components for lead/acid and other industrial batteries. Therefore, it is seen as a natural extension to include the forklift truck and large floor cleaner servicing sector of the market.

UK Powertech

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