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Driver slams council after receiving bus lane fine despite missing road sign

  • 11 February 2013
  • By Chris Druce

An LGV driver has accused a London council of disregarding the haulage industry after he was slapped with a penalty charge notice when he drove into a bus lane around a width restriction.

John Norris was fined after making a collection from Bakkavor Pizza in Harrow, north-west London. Norris, who was heading for Sainsbury’s London Colney, selected what he believed to be an appropriate route to the A41.

However, it was only after he had entered Taunton Way, leading to Camrose Avenue from the roundabout at Streatfield Road, that he encountered the width restriction warning.

After being fined, he searched Google Street View and found there was a warning sign at the roundabout in 2008 [something CM has confirmed too]. However, the sign is now absent.


At a Parking and Traffic Appeals Service hearing in December, an adjudicator agreed that the absence of a signpost at the roundabout meant “it was too late” to alter course. But an appeal was not allowed because although performing a U-turn in a 40-tonne articulated lorry would have been “difficult”, it wouldn’t have been impossible.

Harrow Council, which issued the fine, has refused to back down. “The road signs in place exceed the legal requirements,” it said in a statement. A spokeswoman for the council, who could not explain where the missing sign had gone [approach to roundabout, minus sign, pictured left), added Norris should have turned down a side road instead.Harrow, Streatfield Road

Norris told CM the whole episode had left him frustrated. "It was late July and the time was around 19.30 in the evening with lots of parked cars along these roads.

"It’s highly unlikely that I’d turn into an unclassified residential road in an artic," said Norris."Had the turning been signposted correctly I never would have taken it," he said.

The council spokeswoman added that Norris's comments would be taken on board as part of a process currently underway reviewing road signs and the movement of lorries through the borough.


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