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RG Bassett & Sons in parking fine dispute

  • 29 January 2013
  • By Chris Tindall

The boss of a haulage firm targeted by overzealous parking enforcers after his driver tried to confirm a collection has warned that fines could drive business out of Suffolk.

Stoke-on-Trent based RG Bassett Sons received a notice ordering it to pay £300 after a camera operated by Proserve on the Ransomes Europark near Ipswich caught the driver stopping on the road for a few minutes.

The parking charge would be reduced to £180 if settled within 14 days, and after an appeal against the sky-high fine by Bassett boss Ashley Bassett failed, he has now been forced to pay up.

“These people are fairly Draconian in the way they are administering parking on this estate,” complained Bassett. “OK, our driver went in there to make a collection. He left his lorry outside for between six and eight minutes while he went into the traffic office to find out what he had to do. He couldn’t park on the premises.

“We won’t be going in to this place at all if we are going to be treated like this. This is driving decent people away from doing business in Ipswich and on this estate.”

The Road Haulage Association confirmed it was looking into the legalities of using cameras to administer parking charges and that it was aware of another company receiving three fines.

However, Proserve MD Stephen Duff said the estate had 120 warning signs and added: “Parked vehicles, in particular LGVs, have caused disruption and congestion at the estate together with damage to the pathways and infrastructure. The occupiers of the estate requested vigorous action against illegal parking and waiting from our client.”

Nigel Robson, chartered surveyor at the estate’s managing agents, The Land Group, insisted it was not trying to catch people out and that Proserve had discretion about whether or not to issue tickets. He also refuted claims they were issued after a few seconds parking: “In dangerous places we have no choice but to keep users and occupiers safe; no waiting, no parking, no stopping. If they are parked in a particularly stupid place they will get a ticket.”


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