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French to start environmental truck tax in June

  • 29 January 2013
  • By Colin Barnett

International operators are being advised to make preparations for the launch of the French Eurotaxe system in the summer. The new environmental truck tax, applicable to goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, will be levied on some 15,000km of national roads and autoroutes, both free and toll.

It’s expected to affect nearly 250,000 non-French vehicles annually, and the only exemption likely to benefit some UK operators is for certain agricultural goods. The system begins with a month-long trial commencing on 20 June in Alsace before being rolled out to the rest of France a month later, and will be enforced by 174  fixed gantries and 500 mobile detectors.

The key issue is the requirement for vehicles to be equipped with a GPS-based On-Board Unit (OBU), together with an agreed payment method, with either pre or post-paid options available. The charge will be based on €0.12/km, but with final costs dependent on gross weight, number of axles, emissions class and distance travelled.

DKV Euro Service, whose DKV Box is compatible with the system, advises operators not only to ensure that they have the hardware and payment agreements in place in good time but also to consider renegotiating customer contracts to pass on the extra costs. There is more information on the system, including a map of the affected road network, which for most UK operators will begin on the exit from the Calais access points, at .


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