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February 1st – No business like snow business

WHN_Front_Feb1Welcome to the February 1st Warehouse Logistics News. It’s that time of year – we’re over Christmas, now the big story is snow. As we went to press the UK was bracing itself for disruption as wintry weather was expected to arrive in earnest and stick around. With Logistics Link South at Sandown coming up on the 12th and 13th, here’s to safe journeys for everyone going to the show.


It takes more than a bit of snow to stop you reading Warehouse Logistics News. You can stay in touch with the world and read this magazine in digital form via our website In this issue we have three major features to read wherever you are – Fork Trucks, The Loading Bay and Warehouse Flooring.

Our first Fork Truck feature of 2013 includes counterbalance trucks, side loaders, VNA trucks, reach trucks and other specialist machines. ‘The Loading Bay’ takes in doors, dock levelers and dock lifts. And ‘Warehouse Flooring’ covers floor preparation, maintenance, mezzanines, area markings and cleaning machines.

Back to the snow, and at press time the Highways Agency had road ploughs and the rest on stand-by to clear motorways and other major routes. But as ever for warehouse and logistics people the real concern was about conditions on side roads and industrial sites, and whether the local council would have enough salt and grit to go on.

It snows in other countries, of course, but they appear to have got their act together. You never hear about snow causing chaos in Swedish and Danish TV series! By contrast, we take a masochistic pleasure in predicting chaos and mayhem. As ever warehousing and logistics operations are expected to keep calm and carry on, while the rest of Britain gets hysterical. Thankfully warehouse professionals have access to gritters, salt spreaders and other forklift attachments to make sure work continues in their yards and other outside areas. Similarly logistics people can make sure they can get traction for their lorries by keeping their yards as clear as possible.

The snow will melt, but the changes taking place in our economy won’t go away. This year we can expect to see more household name retailers going into administration because their business models lag behind consumer demand for greater convenience and online shopping. Our commiserations for those companies, but at least the good news for WLN readers is that the warehouse and logistics industry is the driving force behind the online operations that are now so powerful, and it’s set to remain that way.

Have a successful month.

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