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Savoye launches ‘quiet’ conveyor at IMHX

Savoye, the logistics division of Groupe Legris Industries, will unveil its new, all-electric Intelis conveyor solution at the IMHX exhibition in Birmingham on March 19th 2013.

After two years of research and development, and six months of pre-market testing, Savoye is now ready to showcase its next generation of conveyor solution to over 20,000 professionals at the event in March. The unveiling at IMHX represents the UK debut for the new, eco-friendly, flexible and silent conveyor system.

The Intelis range is equipped with electronic cards to de-centralise conveyor control, an ‘eco-mode’ setting to further reduce energy consumption and adaptive performance to ensure the conveyors adapt in line with carton flow, the flow of cartons to be conveyed and the volume of activity.

Each individual electronic card acts as a control centre for the section of the conveyor it is responsible for and gives users the option to accumulate boxes in a specified area without disrupting the flow of ‘traffic’ or putting added pressure on the conveyors. It also automatically audits the section and reports back with any fault indicators that need maintenance or attention.

The motors are directly integrated into the rollers, which makes it easier for the conveyors to shut down when they are not in use. When a section of the system is not being used, it automatically shuts down all unnecessary components to save on energy consumption and reduce noise. It also automatically switches off each section of the conveyor as the load passes through it.

Intelis® takes approximately 40 per cent less time to install than similar logistics solutions, as it is made using fewer components and requires no configuration prior to being installed. It is also quick to reconfigure or relocate as the electronic cards have been designed to be modified remotely at any time and the entire system can be re-integrated in the event of a move or expansion.

Savoye’s sister company, a-SIS, has also released a new software upgrade. The new LMxt has been designed to offer businesses even more functionality and flexibility than the hugely successful LM software.

The LMxt incorporates a number of user-friendly features, such as revamped graphic presentation, data return and remote access, and more open parameterisation to offer businesses more flexibility. It also comes with a number of advanced functions which help users to work quicker and adapt the warehouse floor in accordance with changes on a day-to-day basis.

Both Intelis® and LMxt are aimed at growing businesses and have been designed to evolve with the changing need of enterprises.

Tony Hoodless, of Savoye UK, said: “Intelis® has been developed for businesses where flexibility, efficiency and energy saving are key objectives. Businesses are transforming every day and Intelis® offers them a solution which will evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s dynamic market.”

The IMHX exhibition will be held at Birmingham’s NEC from the 19th-22nd March. Savoye is on stand number 19J80.

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