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Choose the right telematics system with impartial advice from Commercial Motor

  • 08 January 2013
  • By James Clark

Fleet telematics systems offer operators many benefits, from the ability to confirm the location of each vehicle at any given point to the production of reports grading drivers on their driving style.

However the overall objective is to save money – and it is management action that turns telematics costs into savings. So before embarking on a telematics project it is crucial that you have a clear idea of how you will use the information from telematics to cut costs and generate a return.

In short, unless a telematics system is properly specified and properly used, it can be an expensive waste of time. Don’t fall into that trap – choose the right system from the right supplier with the help of Commercial Motor’s free Buyers’ Guide to Telematics.

What’s in the guide?

  • Telematics purchasing principles
  • Managing telematics costs and contracts
  • Installation issues
  • Typical benefits of telematics systems
  • Issues to consider when purchasing telematics systems
  • How to choose a telematics supplier
  • Truck manufacturers’ telematics systems

The exclusive and impartial guide also includes case studies into operators’ real-life experiences of telematics.

Register now – it takes less than a minute – to get free access to Commercial Motor’s Buyers’ Guide to Telematics.

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