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“TruckStop” offers safety solution for new Integrated Waste Management Facility in Southwark

TruckstopA new Integrated Waste Management Facility has been built in Southwark, which will reduce the impact that the Borough’s waste has on the environment and will increase the amount that it recycles.

It will divert most of the waste that previously has gone to landfill and will provide financial benefits and a long-term solution to their waste management needs.

Rediweld was approached to offer a solution to protect walkways and to make sure the waste vehicles and HGV’s parked safely within the designated bays.

Rediweld was able to offer their new TruckStop, which being manufactured from rubber, can easily absorb any impact from vehicles reversing into the bays. It is surface mounted so requires no excavation and is quick and easy to install, causing minimum disruption.

Rediweld’s traffic products are made from recycled truck tyres, so are environmentally friendly and are manufactured in the UK using low energy processes. These products offer a durable alternative to traditional materials.

The TruckStop is 150 mm high, 300 mm wide and 1 metre in length and can be manually handled. It has an assymetric shape that offers maximum resistance to a reversing truck but does not get wedged between the wheels.

Following the success of the TruckStop within the facility, Rediweld has also provided its CarStop product as a solution for the staff car park which is 80mm high, 140mm wide and 1 metre long.

Rediweld, an ISO 9001 company, now offers three vehicle stoppers, with the new 115 mm high CoachStop, being the latest in the range.


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