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Treat your maintenance contractor as your ‘best friend’, says TC Sarah Bell

  • 24 December 2012
  • By Ashleigh Wight

West of England traffic commissioner (TC) Sarah Bell has advised transport managers to treat their maintenance contractor as their ‘best friend’.

In a QA web chat hosted by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) last week, TC Bell said that, as vehicle maintenance is often looked at in public inquiries, transport managers should not overlook the importance of having a good relationship with their maintenance contractor.

Bell said: “Maintenance contractors not only tell the transport manager and operators a lot about their vehicles but also about their drivers.

“If they are doing a thorough inspection and if there are driver reportable items appearing on the preventative maintenance inspection sheet time after time, that contractor is telling you how your drivers are performing- not just how the vehicles are performing,” she added.


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