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Creating Supply Chain Solutions
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Vanderlande Industries leading in warehouse automation

Today’s warehouses and distribution centres face a lot of challenges: increasing labour costs, less available space and frequent small orders with short delivery times. It’s a constant search for solutions that reduce operational costs, generate higher productivity, optimise space utilisation and enable high service levels. Vanderlande Industries is a leading supplier of automated warehouses and distribution centres, with a track record of over 1,000 satisfied customers in a wide range of industries.

Global player, local presence

We are a global player with experience in a wide range of industries around the world. From food, fashion, business-to-consumer and automotive to pharmaceuticals, parts and components and personal care. We develop reliable and innovative solutions in teamwork with our customers. Our headquarters are in Veghel, the Netherlands, and we also have offices in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, USA, South Africa, Russia, India, Canada, Argentina, Australia, United Arab Emirates and China. Our local Customer Centres handle all key business functions and maintain direct contact with our customers. Exceeding customer expectations is what drives us, reflected by our core value: ‘building reputations with customers’.

Flexible solutions meet changing market demands

Through our in-depth understanding of business processes in warehousing and distribution, we provide competitive automated solutions for goods receiving, storage, order picking, consolidation and shipping.

We enable our customers to reduce their operational costs and improve delivery performance. Our flexible solutions meet the changing market demands. Our systems and services focus on improving the logistics processes and increasing logistics performance today, tomorrow and throughout the entire life cycle. We co-operate closely with our customers, extending from initial business process analysis through to total life-cycle support. To achieve this, we have a wide product range and industry knowledge. We posses all the required capabilities in the relevant disciplines, ranging from system design through supply chain management and manufacturing, to information and communication technology, system integration, project management and customer services.

Key technology

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are a key technology in modern warehouse logistics, and are beneficial in a range of warehouse processes: bulk storage, order picking and order consolidation. AS/RS systems enable storage density to be increased by up to 60%. Vanderlande Industries offers the QUICKSTORE range of AS/RS systems. The QUICKSTORE range includes various miniloads, the HDS shuttle system and the Microshuttle. QUICKSTORE AS/RS systems can be equipped with many different load handling devices. QUICKSTORE AS/RS systems are developed and manufactured by Beewen, a Vanderlande Industries company which is one of the leading European suppliers of AS/RS systems.

Efficient and accurate order picking

Order picking accounts for up to 60% of warehouse costs. Processing customer orders quickly and accurately also has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Automated order picking systems can increase your productivity up to 1,000 lines per man-hour, improve your picking accuracy up to 99.99% and enable you to deliver higher customer service levels. Selecting the best order picking system for your business depends on the characteristics of your operation and products. We offer a broad range of order picking systems for loose products, cases and pallets, including zone picking systems, goods-to-man systems and batch picking systems, right up to fully automated case picking and tote picking systems.

Ergonomic solutions

Our customers want to offer their employees an attractive working environment while at the same time achieving high productivity and short learning curves. Vanderlande Industries is aware that workstation design is a critical success factor to achieve high employee engagement. That’s why we developed the @EASE workstation range: its proven ergonomics enable operators to maintain high productivity for sustained working periods.

Software solutions

As well as a complete range of state-of-the-art material handling equipment, we offer software to optimise system operation. These software products integrate seamlessly into your IT infrastructure and provide management with valuable real-time decision support intelligence.

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