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Narrow chassis Aisle-Master is the perfect fit for GB eye

GB-Eye-6GB eye Ltd is a leading supplier of posters, prints and associated licensed merchandise to the retail and wholesale sectors. The company delivers to 200 customers in over 60 countries from its newly extended distribution centre in Sheffield, which also houses a frame manufacturing facility. GB eye was one of the first UK companies to take delivery of the new narrow chassis 15E Aisle-Master model, which has replaced two other forklifts for much more efficient handling in one of its storage areas.

The previous combination of a man-down rail guided VNA forklift and a reach truck was cumbersome and restrictive, particularly as the VNA truck could not be used for outdoor work. Operations Manager John Scally was therefore on the lookout for a more versatile vehicle but with the proviso that it could also work in the existing very narrow aisles and tight turning circles. “We have been using an Aisle-Master for over two years to great effect in another part of the warehouse,” says John. “We have been so pleased with its all round operation, so when I heard that a new narrow chassis Aisle-Master was on the market I knew we had the answer.”

The electric powered articulated truck’s 1.5t capacity is more than enough to cope with the pallets of posters, display equipment, packs of cardboard and the heaviest loads which are made up of the raw materials for the picture frames, even when lifting to the top beam height of 5.5m. The chassis width of just 1030mm also enables it to easily manoeuvre around the storage facilities and GB eye has also benefited from its indoor / outdoor capabilities which enable seamless on and offloading from delivery vehicles in the yard.

“The 15E ticked all the boxes,” says John, “and as with our other Aisle-Master it doubles up as a reach and counterbalance truck, does exactly what we want and the drivers are very happy with it. We also need a very reliable vehicle as the workload is constant and at certain times of the year such as the run up to Christmas it can be relentless. The E commerce side of the business has grown recently by 300%, and the downtime we experienced with the old trucks would now have a serious impact on our productivity. Aisle-Master’s excellent track record of dependability means that this is no longer an issue.“

GB-Eye-1bAisle-Masters have capacities of up to 2.5 tonnes, lift heights of up to 15 metres, with a choice of AC electric or LPG power. The range is designed and built at the dedicated production facility of its parent company Combilift in Monaghan, Ireland, and can be customised for individual requirements. Aisle-Master design engineers also offer a site visit and warehouse layout service and supply free layout proposals illustrating how to maximise the use of available storage space.

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