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Exciting new products launched by Crown during 2012

EU-SC5300-104During the past 12 months, Crown Lift Trucks have won an international Universal Design Award plus launched a number of new products onto the UK market – including the three-wheel SC 5300 Series of electric counterbalance fork lift trucks, the new TSP 7000 turret order picker and the WP 3000 powered pallet truck.

During April 2012 Crown were honoured with the international Universal Design Award for their WT 3000 Series of pallet trucks. To win this award, products must fulfil evaluation criteria that include: broad and flexible usability, easy and intuitive operation, and safety and error tolerance.
In 2011 Crown’s WT pallet trucks won the iF Product Design Award 2011 and the IDEA Award 2011 in gold, making the Universal Award the third award they have received in less than a year. Crown’s WT 3000 Series has been recognised for its increased focus on ergonomic features and the positive impact on health, safety and operator comfort that such features provide.

New product launches began in January with the introduction of Crown’s compact and powerful SC5300 Series of three-wheel electric counterbalance forklift trucks. Endowed with the handling power and stability of a larger machine, the SC 5300 Series is appreciated by warehouse managers for its ability to perform a multiplicity of indoor/outdoor applications. The Intrinsic Stability System® automatically governs travel speed, both straight ahead and when negotiating bends, based on load weight, lift height and steer angle. By eliminating the traditional friction brake, the e-GEN® braking featured on all SC 5300 Series trucks gives reduced pedal effort and faster braking response. The SC 5300 battery roll-out option allows the use of a smaller battery and charger for reduced cost while gaining more operating clearance in tight spaces. These innovations combine to give greater job satisfaction for the driver, leading to ever greater productivity.

EU-SC5300-132Launched during 2012, the Crown TSP 7000 turret order picker features Crown’s MonoLift™ mast and is capable of reaching lift heights at faster speeds (up to 0.61 metres/second), enabling customers to gain maximum benefit from every pallet location. In the operator’s cabin, Crown’s MoveControl™ seat features integrated armrest controls for shift-long support and four seating positions for unsurpassed visibility and comfort while maintaining safety with precision control of all truck functions. Safety-first floor presence pedals require the operator’s feet to be in place before the truck can commence work – there’s even a microcellular anti-fatigue floor mat to reduce the risk of discomfort and back stresses. Multiple compartments provide convenient storage for documents, tools and other operator needs. During picking operations, postural support for the operator is provided by a work-assist rail and side gates which need to be lowered for operation. The Crown Intelligent Braking System (IBS) automatically adjusts braking force to allow for lift height and other key variables to give better control and minimal mast sway.

EU-WP3000-007Crown’s award winning WP 3000 pallet truck series is robustly engineered for long life and these highly manoeuvrable pallet trucks deliver high performance at lowest TCO (total cost of ownership). Engineered to run and run, the robust construction includes reinforced steel covers to protect vital components and high-tensile C-channel steel forks and strengthened wear plates to withstand everyday wear and tear from dock levellers, uneven floors and the like – practical features that improve safety and ensure maximum uptime while keeping costs to a minimum. Operator appeal has been designed in, with unrivalled ease of control provided by Crown’s innovative X10® control handle which combines all operator functions in one comfort-sculpted control pod. Crown has endowed the WP 3000 pallet trucks with many innovative solutions designed to extend component life and minimise the cost of routine service – the maintenance-free e-GEN® braking system being just one example. All service components, including individual circuit boards, are easily and quickly accessible, and on-board diagnostics with event code readouts clearly identify system status during operation or start up and ensure the pallet truck returns to duty in the shortest possible time.


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