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Hörmann saving energy all year

HS7030-Asda-Cross-DockEnergy saving measures have been a major factor in another year of sales growth for Hörmann (UK) Ltd. The trend, established in 2011, of using fast action doors to partition buildings has been maintained. As well as choosing better insulated doors for many applications, there has also been a significant increase in demand for service and repair work, as many operators ensure they maximise the efficiency of current equipment.

New products introduced in 2011 have proved to be highly popular. For example, the HS7030 insulated high speed spiral door, developed for level access bays has also been frequently specified as a fast action option, between chilled and ambient areas.

For loading bays the insulated SPU door continues to set the standard and remains the door of choice for the vast majority of operations. However, the double insulated DPU option is gaining ground as is the Iso-speed Cold door for freezer areas, as designs are upgraded to increase insulation.

With the increased use of high speed doors, comes the increased risk of collision damage. Safety devices are more and more important to prevent accident and injury. For high speed curtain doors, Hörmann’s unique SoftEdge with anti crash, minimises damage in the event of a collision by simply detaching from the guide rails. Simply opening and closing the door, relocates it back into position.

P1060578Preventing a collision in the first place is a better option and to this end Hörmann has a range of leading edge safety devices. However devices that move with the door can also be vulnerable to impact damage and add to the maintenance needs, so Hörmann has developed a solid state, safety device.   The light grille is integrated into the door frame and monitors the open door up to a height of 2.5m. If any of the light beams are broken, the door will stop. The integration means that collision damage is highly unlikely and with no moving parts, maintenance demands are significantly reduced.

While choosing options that offer better levels of insulation is one area that is leading to greater demand, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the introduction of the SB rolling shutter is also proving to be highly popular. This simple shutter door benefits from the same, high quality engineering that is applied to all Hörmann doors and as such, its precision fit, smooth operation and ease of use, are making it a sought after option.

The understanding that good quality doors can save on operational costs has also led to a significant increase in demand for repair and maintenance work, alongside sales of new doors. Replacing seals and ensuring doors operate as speedily and efficiently as possible, not only saves money in the short term by limiting energy losses but also extends their life, further reducing whole life costs.

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