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DfT: should the time between digital tachograph downloads be extended?

  • 18 December 2012
  • By Chris Tindall

The Department for Transport is asking hauliers for feedback on proposals to increase the time required between digital tachograph data downloads from 56 to 90 days.

The Freight Transport Association said operators had not raised the current limit as an issue, but that it was conceivable it might aid operators regularly undertaking long-haul European work (as it is set at 90 days on the Continent).

Vosa was unable to respond to a suggestion put forward by industry sources via CM, that increasing the download time to 90 days could jeopardise its ability to put together a case for potential legal action, due to limits imposed on the enforcement agency bringing a prosecution.

The consultation also asks whether gas-powered and parallel hybrid vehicles should be exempt from O-licensing in order to incentivise investment in greener technology.

Last month, the DVLA said the problem that saw digital tachograph cards start to fail en masse in March this year had been solved.


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