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Pallet labellers link up quickly for automation at Magners

Somerset cider-maker Magners has automated pallet labelling operations at its Shepton Mallet factory with two print apply machines from Logopak, installed in minimum time due to standard Logopak software.

The Logopak 815PF units replace a manual labelling operation, reducing labour costs and ensuring accurate positioning for adjacent side labelling. They also scan each bar code label as it is applied, automatically reprinting and re-applying should there be a failure to read correctly.

Both machines receive label data from an existing factory management system via Logopak’s new Synchro-LXS software. This holds and manages labelling data files on a PC for real-time data flow to the labeller, independent of the host computer from which the data is initially downloaded.

As a result, the labellers are able to continue operating at maximum capacity when the host computer is engaged on other tasks apart from labelling, while there is also the facility to extract and present production statistics and other data from the labelling operation.

In particular the Logopak Synchro-LXS software requires no custom software to create a link with factory management systems so that, at Magners, the labellers could be integrated automatically in minimum time. “We are pleased with the speed and ease of installation, which was important to us,” says Magners’ chief engineer Andy Carruthers.

The installation also includes a  Logopak VLT desktop label printer as back up to the print apply labelling machines and to provide identification for part pallets that cannot be handled automatically.

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