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Less than 10% agency drivers are under 36 years old

  • 13 December 2012
  • By Ashleigh Wight

Only 8% of agency LGV drivers are under the age of 36, a survey from LGV agency driver provider ADR Network has revealed.

The survey of 1,000 agency drivers found that 87% were aged between 36 and 60, raising the concern that demand for drivers could exceed supply if younger drivers are not attracted into the industry.

ADR Network managing director Andrew Waldron said: “As an industry there is still much to be done to attract younger people into driving. All the agencies need to unite in this.

“We also need support from the government and schools when it comes to conveying the benefits of driving as a profession. It seems crazy that we have a pool of unemployed youngsters yet a shortage of people coming into the profession,” he added.

Younger drivers preferred the financial security of a full time job, whereas drivers approaching retirement age preferred agency work as it was flexible.

It also revealed that there is still a high number of agency drivers who have not yet began their CPC training, with only 37% of drivers stating they have begun the course.

The survey identified that the main reasons for drivers having not started their CPC training were apathy and cost. Many older drivers said they would not do the training, as when it comes into force in September 2014 they would have reached retirement age or they would retire to avoid the expense.

Of the number who said they had undertaken CPC training so far, 53% had completed only the initial seven hours, whilst just 13% had completed the full course.


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