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New warehouse relies upon total location labelling and signage solution from ASG Services

Before Technology Supplies’ new warehouse was even constructed, ASG Services was consulted to help ensure that the building operated as efficiently as possible.

Involvement at this early stage enabled ASG Services to provide not only a professional location labelling and signage consultancy service but also conduct a comprehensive health and safety audit from the outset.

Warehouse management is costly and complex therefore the facilitating of safe, precise storage and retrieval is of paramount importance. Although representing only a small percentage of the total cost, a well-designed warehouse labelling and signage solution alongside effective safety measures, is ultimately key to warehouse efficiency and thereby critical to the bottom line. Also, addressing the issue early in the planning process saves time, eliminates potential errors and ensures smooth integration with the suppliers of the Warehouse Management and Storage systems.

Established in 1987, Technology Supplies is the UK’s leading provider and installer of an extensive range of products and equipment to schools and colleges in line with the ever-changing requirements of the Design and Technology curriculum. To support a growing customer base, the company recently relocated its business to a purpose-built headquarters in Shrewsbury and commissioned ASG Services to provide a total project management consultancy and installation service that addressed all of the identification and associated safety requirements within the warehouse.

Allocating a dedicated Project Manager and a skilled installation team, ASG Services delivered a smooth, trouble-free installation on time and on budget. Ongoing regular liaison with the Warehouse Management System and Storage Equipment suppliers ensured all operational requirements were incorporated at the design stage which virtually eliminated the need for any subsequent additions or adjustments. The file of over 20,000 locations created by the WMS company was intricately checked and recreated by ASG Services to produce the labels required. This also ensured that the installation team was furnished with the labels in sequential order for straightforward installation in the correct positions.

At the heart of the warehouse design is an installation of 1,000kg capacity pallet racking providing space for 1200 pallet positions at heights up to 8.4 metres. In addition, an installation of 4500 linear metres of galvanised steel shelving is used to store thousands of different stock items either directly onto the shelving or within plastic bins and totes. ASG Services’ comprehensive labelling and signage to pallet racking and shelf labels, plus line and floor marking, ensure outstanding verification rates and navigational ease.  Also, a series of clearly labelled lockable cabinets safely store a range of potentially ‘hazardous’ products such as paints, adhesives and solvents.  All locations are easily identified by durable and highly visible bar-coded labels that simplify order picking and ensure accurate stock control. This precise identification also enables optimum picking/storage rates and helps ensure safety for warehouse operatives.

Extra storage space is located on a mezzanine level to accommodate boxed goods within galvanised shelving. The Health and Safety review identified this area as a potential high risk zone and recommended secure safety netting. ASG Services supplied the mezzanine area with lightweight, high tenacity polypropylene guard netting with additional netting on hand rails and along the staircase. This safety netting is not only very durable and almost impossible to damage during normal operation but also very quick and easy to install.

“This project typifies a modern, fast-paced warehousing and distribution operation,” Says Chris Hopkirk, ASG Services’ Sales Director. “In excess of 3,000 orders are picked each month with 3,800 parcels and 50 pallets despatched monthly. Not surprisingly, this throughput demanded clear identification for optimum performance. Also, our health and safety audit identified the need for a number of high visibility signs to help ensure maximum safety for warehouse personnel. We were able to meet these demands by providing a thorough signage consultancy service and safety consultation at the planning stage which, following implementation of our recommendations, helps to ensure that Technology Supplies’ warehouse operates as efficiently as possible.”

ASG Services’ range of high quality labels are manufactured from durable laminated polyester ensuring long lasting use in the harshest of warehouse and production environments and are covered by comprehensive guarantees of up to 10 years.

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