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Insulation boosts sales for Hörmann

From the simple roller shutter to complex loading systems, energy saving measures and better insulation are adding to Hörmann’s sales success.

The SB rolling shutter was introduced earlier this year and is available as a grille, a single skin door or with insulated laths. However, it is the insulated version that has captured the vast majority of sales, as this basic but precision engineered door is lighter, stronger, better insulated and competitively priced. All SB roller doors and grilles benefit from innovative tension spring technology which ensures that little effort is required to open and close them manually. This ease of use adds to the longevity of these doors, leading to even better value for money.

The design of the SB roller shutters and grilles makes them easier and quicker to fit, as the entire door construction, including support brackets and side guides is secured to the buildings structure. Plastic runners and brush seals in the side guides ensure quiet door travel and with only 165mm side room needed for the compact side guides, this door can be fitted in the tightest of spaces.

For doors over 3.5m high either the optional chain hoist or new compact automatic operator is recommended. The WA 300 R operator features soft-start soft-stop technology to further ensure the long term performance of this door. A major feature of this compact operator is that it needs no additional side room as it mounts onto the existing door frame.

Improved insulation was a key factor in the development of the HS7030 high speed spiral door. An improvement on the energy saving original, the complete redesign of this door was also a technical leap forward as the CFC free PU foam insulation is also employed to add rigidity and strength, which aids the smooth operation of the door, improving its lifespan. Non-contact roll up technology means there is no wear on the door sections, maintaining appearance and allowing for fast opening speeds, of up to 2.5 metres per second. Precise travel also minimises wear and extends operational life thereby reducing operating costs.

It is not just added insulation in the door that is improving sales but also the use of fast action doors to partition buildings to limit draughts and reduce heat flow. This has also led to the development of the V3009 high speed conveyor door to help partition conveyor systems. Hörmann (UK) Ltd is currently completing a complex project, in conjunction with automated handling specialists TGW, that includes 93 individual V3009 doors. The extensive conveyor system for a major food retailer has doors from only 90cm up to 3 metres wide, helping to minimise heat flow. In addition to the 93 conveyor doors five fast action V 4015 Iso L doors have been installed as this site handles frozen, chilled and ambient groceries for home delivery.

As energy costs continue to rise, and the pressure to improve carbon-footprint of supply chains remains, doors and loading systems that reduce energy wastage are adding value to businesses by proving to be both a cost effective and environmentally responsible choice.

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