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Warehousing like the pro’s

It is important for companies to remain competitive, and logistics companies are realising the value in building collaborative partnerships with customers and suppliers.

The companies that are adopting this approach are also finding that by investing in strategic business projects such as improved IT infrastructure, the future is now looking more promising. By making improvements to their existing IT infrastructure  including Warehouse Management Systems, companies are able to stay ahead of the game and attract bigger customers

By integrating systems, and creating collaborative interfaces supporting file transfers – companies can boast a genuine advantage – one that is allowing the smaller companies to seriously compete with the bigger players.

Communications with customers is a vital component for on-going business success. We’ve heard stories of warehouse management systems not integrating with customers’ systems. We find this strange, as we believe a robust and seamless communications interface is essential for successful operations system. This is where we rise above our competitors, offering our customers a genuine competitive advantage through more efficient systems, on top of the increased efficiencies within the warehouse as standard.

System integration is proven to save both parties time and money. The savings are realised in reducing the amount of data entry required, as well as facilitating information flows where required. Using electronic linking or visibility across the web can allow you to ‘lock’ your customers into your system; this works by both improving the service delivered and increasing their switching costs, making it more expensive and administratively harder for them to move their account to another organisation. In the current climate this can be of real importance.

LocateIT WMS and Wireless Mobile Processes from Clydebuilt Business Solutions enable users from all logistics sectors to add value to their customers by providing first class warehouse management, facilitating better communications in all ways, from simple reports and information on demand to complex integrations.

At the highest level, full two way interfacing between you and your customer’s ERP system allows full synchronicity between systems in a robust,  seamless, appropriate, and above all, automatic way. This ultimately adds value to you and your stakeholders

As LocateIT is modular, users are able to add extra features as required, meaning that it’s easy to stay ahead of the game without the heavy price tag.

There is no denying that automation is the key for future growth, with all parties experiencing an increase in accuracy relating to business data, and a reduction in labour costs attributed to saving time. Clydebuilt has extensive experience in supporting clients by providing advice in this arena, giving valuable input that has helped many of our customers secure significant new business wins.

Contact us to find out how LocateIT can help you remain competitive in today’s increasingly difficult market.

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