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Stow Mobile – Mobile Racking Solutions

Stow Mobile is a high-density storage system designed to install pallet racking onto automated mobile carriages, allowing opening and closing of the aisles. Conventional static racking requires fixed aisles between racks, causing quite some redundant space. A mobile racking system is very efficient and only needs one aisle, creating a much higher warehouse industrial storage capacity. Where compact storage is required whilst keeping a high degree of accessibility to the stored products, mobile racking may be the best solution, especially where storage space is expensive, for example in cold stores.

Stow Mobile is one of the most innovative, cost effective and versatile mobile racking systems currently available.

Stow Mobile is the best logistical solution where a combination of compact storage and individual pallet accessibility is required.

Stow Mobile offers considerable benefits over conventional static racking:

The advantages of Stow Mobile

• High density storage and floor utilisation – 80% compared to 40% in conventional pallet racking

• Reduced costs per m2 (heating, cooling, lighting)

• High degree of occupation (90%), similar to conventional pallet racking, but higher than other compact storage systems, such as drive in (average of 70%)

• Different pallet sizes can be stored more easily, compared to other high density storage solutions, where high demands are imposed onto the pallet dimensions

• Accessibility of each pallet, so high number of SKUs is allowed

• Short travel distances for the fork lift truck

• The installation can be configured to optimise space in existing buildings, and can be easily expanded with new blocks.

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