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New law bans private clamping

  • 01 October 2012
  • By derren hayes

New laws banning clamping on most private land in England and Wales have come in today (October 1).

Under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, clamping and towing of vehicles will only be allowed where a “lawful authority” has been granted to a land owner, such as public bodies. Examples of areas where lawful authority has been granted include hospital, railway station and airport car parks, ports, harbours and river crossings.

Also under the Act, the Parking and Private Land Appeals scheme will be introduced, allowing all motorists, including commercial vehicle operators, to appeal against parking charges incurred on private land.

The Act has been welcomed by the road transport sector, and should put an end to LGV drivers being charged hundreds of pounds to release their vehicle at truckstops and other private parking areas.

The Road haulage Association has produced a guide to the new regs, which can be read here


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