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Goodyear readies AA-labelled truck tyre

  • 28 September 2012
  • By Chris Druce

Goodyear is to launch an AA-labelled truck tyre shortly, which it claims will offer operators  both improved wet grip for their trucks and better fuel efficiency.

Engineers at Goodyear have been developing a truck tyre that will qualify for the top ratings for wet grip and fuel efficiency under the European tyre labelling regulation, which comes into force from the 1 November.

The European tyre label looks similar to existing energy efficiency labels (such as on household appliances) with A being the highest performing tyre in its category and G the lowest.

The label will inform tyre buyers of three key tyre performance attributes; fuel efficiency, wet grip performance and exterior rolling noise.

Henk Van Tuyl, director of tyre technology commercial tyres EMEA, said: “To give some concrete examples, the difference between a complete set of new A-graded and F-graded tyres could reduce a truck’s fuel consumption by up to 15%, which represent around £5,500 per year. 

“In terms of wet grip, in the case of full braking, the difference between A-graded and F-graded tyres could be up to 30% shorter braking distance. This means for a typical truck driving at 80 km/h up to 25m shorter braking distance. ”

See our Buyers’ Guide on tyre management contracts for expert advice on the subject.

Earlier this month Goodyear warned operators to make sure they have the right winter tyres.


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