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Previously disqualified boss refused licence

  • 28 September 2012
  • By Roger Brown

DHR Fabrications has had its O-licence application refused after Simon Evans, Deputy Traffic Commissioner (DTC) for the north-west of England, examined the earlier disqualification of one of its directors.

In a written decison, following a public inquiry in Warrington, DTC Evans turned down a licence bid for two vehicles from the Bootle-based catering equipment manufacturer.

One of its directors, Charles Denton, had been disqualified from holding an O-licence at a previous public inquiry, in connection with his involvement as sole director of revoked coach and bus operator business, Laymark Investments.

His five-year disqualification order expired in January this year.

Laymark had been subject to an investigation by Vosa, which discovered a failure to comply with vehicle maintenance standards and lack of co-operation regarding requests for records of drivers’ duties.

Also, DHR Fabrications had failed to provide details of the disqualification and revocation associated with Denton when asked to do so on its licence application form.

The DTC also reviewed an application made in 2011 by the company, which the director withdrew after accepting he had not provided accurate information.

In refusing the application from DHR Fabrications, the DTC recalled the earlier decision in respect of Laymark Investments.

He added: “It painted a picture of a company and individuals within it failing to comply. There was a lack of engagement, a repeated failure to produce records and untruths were told.”


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