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Blakemore Logistics takes delivery of refrigerated urban double-deck trailers

  • 24 August 2012
  • By Christopher Walton

Blakemore Logistics, the own-account arm of Spar owner AF Blakemore, has taken delivery of what are believed to be the first urban refrigerated double-deck trailers in the UK, courtesy of Gray Adams.

Using double-deck specifications the single-temperature trailers, which operate at +4ºC, are used to transport multi-drop consignments of up to 64 cages of chilled and ambient products. Previous trailers only had a capacity of 38.

The trailer’s aerodynamic design, incorporating a sloping roof allows the refrigeration unit to be mounted directly behind the tractor unit, protecting it from damage while the wide radius cappings on the trailer’s leading edges also contribute to improved fuel efficiency.  

Blakemore Logistics’ distribution general manager Dave Higgs, says: “This design allows us to increase capacity without increasing trailer length and therefore any additional space requirements at the Spar retail stores that we serve.”


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