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Careless driving could become fixed penalty notice offence

  • 28 August 2012
  • By Roger Brown

The Department for Transport (DfT) says careless driving could become a fixed penalty notice offence.

In a document which is currently out to consultation, it suggests a £90 payment and three penalty points for low level offending.

Examples cited include:
- Driving too close to a vehicle in front.
- Being in the wrong lane on a roundabout.
- Ignoring a “lane closed” sign and pushing into an orderly queue.
- Lane discipline such as remaining in lane two or three when lane one is empty and there is no other vehicle to overtake.
- Inappropriate speed.
- Wheel spins.

The plans are designed to cover situations where careless offending is witnessed by a police officer, in a situation where there are no victims or collisions or complaints from a member of public.

More serious careless driving incidents would continue to be prosecuted in court. 

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