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Analogue tachographs to be phased out by 2020

  • 08 August 2012
  • By Tachodisc

Tachodisc has confirmed that discussions to completely phase out analogue tachographs by 2020 have been held in the EU.

It has also been mooted that by 2025 all vehicles will need to be fitted with a later generation of digital tachograph; although further clarification is needed on which generation of digitach will be specified.

Karen Crispe, Tachodisc MD, said: “It was always inevitable that analogue would be phased out at some point, and if enforced in 2020 it should hopefully only affect a small percentage of vehicles. The implications for having a common type of digital tachograph, which may require vehicles to be retro-fitted, could be more disruptive. However it is very early days, and more information is required.”

Tachodisc also confirms that the European Commission proposals to merge the drivers’ card (or Smartcards) and driver’s licences by 2018 have been thrown out of the current proposals to amend the tachograph regulation EEC No 3821/85. Karen adds: “The reasons cited are on the basis that there has been no impact assessment made on the implications of merging the cards. Indications are that the EC will try and get this back on the agenda at a later date.”

Tachodisc has published a White Paper Titled ‘Change is on the Cards’, which brings together, in one document, all the significant points operators need to know about the changes currently being proposed for tachograph regulation EEC No 3821/85. If the proposals are agreed by the EC, they would come into force 2017/2018. 

To download a free copy of ‘Change is on the Cards’, visit, or email Alternatively call Tachodisc on 01925 283328.

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